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SetDNS is the easiest way to force your rooted phone to use custom nameservers on WiFi for all devices AND 3G/mobile networks on rooted devices. Works for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks and nameservers.

Preserves your custom nameserver information when using both wireless and 3g/edge mobile connection. WIFI Only with non-rooted phones.

Comes with google, opendns, opendns family shield, fooldns settings, enter custom DNS servers and option to revert back to DHCP.

Includes widgets that will show the current DNS state and if you have DNS Pro installed, will allow nameserver changes by clicking the appropriate widget.

In normal mode, this app doesn’t change *any* system files (unlike some DNS apps), so you don’t need to back up your nameserver details. Just reverting back to DHCP will go back to your normal network settings.

You can update the resolv.conf file within the preferences if the normal settings don’t work. This will modify the contents of the resolv.conf if it is writable, after taking a backup.

OpenDNS Family Shield settings can be used to filter adult or inappropriate content on the phone.

Using alternative nameservers like Google DNS or OpenDNS can dramatically speed up your browsing. You can also bypass local DNS filters such as Nawala.

Set DNS also checks if your browsing goes via a proxy service that overrides your DNS settings. When network settings change, it will try to access a URL directly using the IP address. If this hits the right server then you have a direct connection to the network. If not, then a proxy is intercepting the connection and is using it’s own nameserver information.

Proxy testing is turned *off* by default. You can enable it in the preferences.

Set DNS Pro features:
- unlocks the “non-root” version of the app
- unlocks control widgets – so you can view and change your DNS from the home screen
- enables password locking of the settings.

What’s in this version:
Changed DNS settings for FoolDNS. See google+ page for details.

More info and Screenshots from Google Play

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