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Unreal Space HD v1.1 Apk

Unreal Space HD

Unreal Space HD
The Live Wallpaper with real 3D depth effect and fully customizable view. Create your own ideal wallpaper!

Unreal Space Features:
- Fully customizable wallpaper with variety of planets, nebulas, satellites and planet rings.
- Real 3D depth effect with gyroscope sensor and huge starfield.
- Sun with lens flares effect.
- Floating camera effect and customizable distance to the scene.
- Asteroids and shooting stars.

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper v1.3 Apk


Celebrate fall with a beautiful background of autumn leaves blowing in the wind! A super-sharp foreground and soft focus background has the feel of a macro photograph, while being fully 3D rendered! Works as a daydream on 4.2+ devices!

This full version has a settings screen with controls for tree species, light color, time of day, and more! Select from different backgrounds! Contains seven species: Birch, Cherry, Japanese Maple, Ginkgo, Maple, Oak, and Poplar.

S4 Water Pool PRO v1.47 Apk

S4 Water Pool

Linpus(百資) S4 Water Pool PRO is the purest, most fun water live wallpaper available on Google Play. It is being downloaded at an incredibly fast rate and is getting rave reviews. This latest version has added frogs, turtles and made it easier to choose and play with your fish.

S4 Water Pool PRO, 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, is not just amazing pure water, it is also fully interactive. Swipe the screen to get the water to ripple, swish and swirl in any and every direction. The water responds to your touch, moving faster, and allowing you to doodle away making your own unique patterns in the water; let your imagination create your ideal water scene. Also turn the page and the water moves with you providing an amazing sense of movement.

3D Car Live Wallpaper v2.8 Apk

3D Car Live Wallpaper

Bring a speeding sports car to home screen of your device. With this live wallpaper you can feel a freedom of driving a highway in a legendary sports car. You can choose the car you like from one of the best American, Italian, German and Japanese racing, muscle and sports cars and customize its appearance.

Features of live wallpaper:
- A set of great cars to choose from
- Customize color of car
- Customization of car’s rims
- Enter your custom license plate text

Juice PRO live wallpaper v3.5.3 Apk


Who does not like summer, hot afternoon drink of fresh, cold juice with ice and slices of fruit or berries.
Live Wallpaper – Juice. Beautiful live wallpaper from various drinks. The current version is:
- Strawberry in water with fruit pieces and ice cubes.
- Grapefruit juice with fruit pieces and ice cubes.
- Lime juice with fruit pieces and ice cubes.
- Orange juice with fruit pieces and ice cubes.
- Water with Lemon with fruit pieces and ice cubes
- Cherry juice with fruit pieces and ice cubes.
- Kiwi juice with fruit pieces and ice cubes.

Captain America: TWS Live WP Premium v1.0 Apk

Captain America

Feel like your favorite Avenger with the OFFICIAL Captain America The Winter Soldier Live Wallpaper. Marvel Comics and Captain America fans can recreate the excitement of the hit movie with this incredible Live Wallpaper app, exclusively for Android! Get ready for high flying Shield action directly on your homescreen!

Download the free version of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Live Wallpaper, based on the Marvel Studios film, featuring a close-up of the Cap’s famous Vibranium shield!

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