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Google Play Store Reached 700,000 Apps, same as iTunes!

Google Play Store

Was there a time when you were a bit envious of iTunes because of the huge number of apps available for iOS devices? Did the words “there’s an app for that’ set your teeth on edge? Well no more. Google has announced that there are now around 700,000 apps available to download from the Play Store. This now means that Google can boast it matches Apple, who recently also stated that its iTunes Store has more than 700,000 apps.

Android least valuable platform for advertisers – Opera

State of Mobile Advertising

Opera, the popular browser for mobile devices, has released its State of Mobile Advertising report, in which Android as a platform is deemed lagging behind in revenues from advertising compared with arch-rival Apple. What’s even more interesting is that Android has even fallen behind BlackBerry in terms of revenue potential per user.

According to the report, iOS leads in terms of traffic and advertising revenue, at 46.37% and 58.40% share, respectively. Android follows with 25.66% in traffic and 16.79% share in revenue. But what’s interesting here is that when it comes to cost per viewer, Android lags behind Blackberry.

BlueStacks/AMD Deal Will Allow 450,000 Android Apps To Run On Windows

BlueStacks AMD

There are a lot of ways to use Android on any Intel or AMD computer. You can create a virtual machine that runs Android. If you want to run your Android phone on a PC, it’s as simple as using TeamViewer.

There is another application that will allow you to tap into Android using Windows called Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that allows you to run a full Android environment on your PC without having to bother with a virtual machine. They have recently partnered with AMD to bring AMD PCs Android apps with just one click.

Google Street View Coming to Google Maps in iPhone Browser Soon

Google Street View

iOS users who have upgraded to iOS 6 or bought an iPhone 5 may suddenly be missing on a lot of Google Maps features previously available in the native app. Fortunately for us Android users, Google is religiously updating Maps for Android with more features and functionalities, such as Street View, turn-by-turn driving directions, public transportation, and the like.

iPhone 5 bests Galaxy S3, Intel Atom in SunSpider browser benchmark

iphone 5 galaxy s3 sunspider benchmark

A few days ago we looked at an unconfirmed Geekbench test – which was going to be confirmed later on – that revealed the A6 chip inside the iPhone 5 was faster than its counterparts in current high-end Android devices, and way faster than its predecessors.

The iPhone 5 beat the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus 7, although it’s worth noting that Samsung’s flagship smartphone was tested running Ice Cream Sandwich. Once Jelly Bean arrives to the high-end Android handset, the new iPhone will lose that top spot it currently occupies in that particular test.

IDC: Android has four times more global market share than iOS


There’s no denying that Google’s Android is a force to be reckoned with. Android recently hit an impressive 500 million globally activated devices and a whopping 1.3 million new devices being activated daily. If those numbers didn’t make your jaw drop, how about a commanding market share lead, four times more than their competitors?

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